Monday, February 13, 2017

Beyond yoga pants

You can find my capris here (no longer in this color but they have lots of other fun colors!) / Power Y Tank here / Newer version of my yoga mat here

It's no secret that I basically live in workout clothes! I love dressing up and putting together outfits, but on a daily basis I wear my leggings to work and change into my scrubs, I then change into my workout clothes and head to Pure Barre. I have so many workout leggings, and while I usually stick to black sometimes it's fun to branch out and wear a bright fun color!! I love the color of these Beyond Yoga capris. The fabric is so soft and the color makes me so happy!! Unfortunately, they don't stay up very well so I find myself adjusting my pants during my entire workout.  Maybe if I had gone down a size they would stay up a bit better but I still love sweating it out in my purple pants- also, on the plus side they don't show sweat marks which is definitely important!! My favorite brand that stays up the best is definitely Victoria's Secret but I also don't think they are quite a soft as these Beyond Yoga's!

Thanks so much for reading! Last week was crazy busy and I didn't get any blog posts up (super sad face!!) but this week I'm back and ready to work my new blog schedule! You can find new posts here every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday! Let me know if you have any ideas or questions about content! I'm always open to ideas/suggestions/collaborations!

Sunday, February 5, 2017

un-super bowl snack

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!! I wanted to share this dip today because it's so yummy, easy to make last minute and since it's not something you usually think of with Super Bowl snacks the stores should still have the ingredients to make it :)

One of my good friends had originally made this for her gender reveal. (you can read all about that
in this post) She gravitated towards it since it was a blue dessert and she had all pink and blue foods at her gender reveal, she had no clue it was going to be so fantastic!! We absolutely devoured this dip and all of us were begging for the recipe! 

Since then, I have made it for our parents visit and now I'm taking it to the Super Bowl Party that we are going to today! I have a bad habit of wanting to bring a more traditional super bowl snack food to whatever party we are going to and waiting until the last second to go to the store.  On more than one occasion I have come up short in the cocktail weenie department, and I have started many an empty sausage shelf!! This dip is so super easy to make and hopefully the stores won't be sold out of your ingredients!! I mean who is really eating blueberries for the super bowl?! 

You can find the full recipe

Hope you have a great Super Bowl Sunday!!  

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Freshly Picked Friday III

So technically this is Freshly Picked Saturday Morning Vol III, but thanks for reading anyway! Here's a look at a few of my favorite things from this past week!

This week I don't have a particular song or artist that I've been listening to on repeat.  However, I do have a musically related favorite! Have you seen the promo spots for the Grammy's? I love James Corden so much, seriously I can watch hours of Carpool Karaoke and love every second of it!!! These commercials make me smile every time! I linked the youtube video of my favorite one so far, I hope they keep them coming!! 
You can watch the commercial

The SAG Awards were Sunday night and I always love watching the red carpets! This year my favorite dress was totally unexpected from me! I thought Gina Rodriguez looked absolutely gorgeous! I usually lean towards the big fluffy dresses, but this year I just couldn't get enough of this intricate design and sleek silhouette.  Seriously how gorgeous does she look, and she looks so happy!

Alright, off to our busy busy weekend! I've got Pure Barre, River Dance (!!!) and Super Bowl Party prep!! You can follow along with the day to day on my Instagram Stories @LifeloveandPineapples hope to see you there!